SOMA Breath Meditation

SOMA is a journey that awakens you to your full human potential where real magic can happen.

We have the ability as humans to be in control of our own health and influence our autonomic nervous system for self healing. Unfortunately we have been conditioned to believe that the medical profession are the authorities on our health and if we have a problem, they have the solution. Doctors are valuable in our society however there are areas where they don’t have the solution. In some cases the side effects of prescribed drugs are almost as bad as the disease!
Various conditions people suffer from are lifestyle based or through emotional traumas and when addressed holistically many can be reversed.
However this does require a shift in peoples beliefs about who the healer really is.
It’s YOU!

Examples of where the SOMA Breath Meditation practice is valuable in the recovery of conditions:

  • Asthma - reduces stress and inflammation while increasing cardiovascular health and lung function.

  • Auto-immune - rebalances the nervous system and reduces inflammation and increases energy and strengthens immune system.

  • Anxiety and Stress - Quietens the DMN (Default Mode Network) of the brain Elevates positive emotional states. Activates the parasympathetic nervous system for relaxing.

  • Depression - quietens the DMN (Default Mode Network) of the brain reducing negative thoughts. Elevates positive emotional states with experiences of bliss

  • Sleep Apnea - improves oxygenation of the blood and increases cardiovascular health.

  • Chronic Pain - reduces inflammation and relieves tension
    Detox - Cleanse and purify the bloodstream and lymphatic system.

The SOMA Breath Meditation is also a way to energise your system where you will:

  • Reach deep blissful meditative states easily

  • Enhance your creativity

  • Heighten states of consciousness and inspiration.

  • Improve brain function and mind power

Finally this practice will allow you to bring what you truly want into your life. For this to happen you will be able to work on removing past imprints and limiting beliefs that hold you back from becoming the person you have always wanted to be. Within reason :).

  • Clear negative imprints and traumas from early life (0-7 years)

  • Reimprint with more empowering beliefs and habits.

  • Set intentions, create motivation and energy to complete important goals.

  • Access Self realisation, discover your true self, your deeper inner calling.

What is SOMA Breath Meditation?

SOMA means one body, one mind, one spirit, one community.

Niraj aka The Renegade Pharmacist developed this powerful technique after his own self-healing experience from a chronic illness, Ulcerative Colitis. He later trained in the ancient science of breathing called Pranayama. Pranayama literally means control of life force. When you breathe consciously you create an electrical flow of energy through your body.
You can literally create an energy inside you that is so radiant and powerful, you can produce ecstatic states of magnetism to literally bend reality, create strength, happiness, download visions and even heal parts of your body. All accessed through the power of intermittent hypoxia, heart coherence, vagal nerve stimulation and the potential activation of somatic stem cells.

SOMA is a global movement that brings ancient wisdom and modern technology together into one transformative system.

What got me into it

I remember when I was a child suffering from asthma and my mother took me to a clinic where I learnt a couple of basic breathing techniques and a posture that would help me to better deal with attacks I would get. One thing I learnt from having asthma was how important managing your breathing is for your overall health and wellbeing.

In my early 20’s I decided to start training in ju jutsu and later tai chi chuan as well. I found that with the exercise, a change in diet (no dairy) and more conscious breathing the asthma disappeared. Later I also studied and practised Chinese breathing techniques of Pa tuan chin (the eight brocades).

Fast forward to 20 years later and one of my two sons had developed asthma. I noticed that his breathing pattern had reversed from diaphragmatic to chest breathing and when he stressed it got worse. I didn’t want him to be dependent on pharmaceutical drugs so when he was 14 I decided to spend time with him everyday for a month going through a series of breathing techniques that I had learnt. After the month we had increased his breath hold times and capacity to take in and release more breath and to better manage anxiety and stress. He now has no asthma at all.

I was always into breathwork from a martial arts perspective through Tai Chi, and Chi Kung - the 8 brocades, however when I came across Wim Hof (the iceman) he rekindled my passion, I looked at what he was doing and thought how incredible it was that he was able to control his immune system and autonomic nervous system. I practised his techniques and immersed myself into researching more. I looked into what Mantak Chia, Stig Severinsen, Stanislov Grov, Dan Brûlé and others were doing and dove deeper into breathwork.

Then the universe provided, as it does. While watching a shamanic seminar series I came across Niraj Naik (The Renegade Pharmacist) and SOMA Breath. I felt a strong alignment straight away, not just with the breathwork but also with his perspectives on life. I have always believed we have a pharmacy greater than no other that resides within us and with different techniques and we can access it. I also believe that as a human race we have been conditioned to isolate ourselves from others and that now we need to bring community back into our lives not just from a networking and business perspective but from a sharing and healing one.

So I signed up straight away for the next instructor program and immersed myself into SOMA Breath. I just love the formula, the therapeutic techniques and have seen soo many people’s lives change as they become more involved with this type of practice.


Auckland classes


Currently Classes are held in Mt. Eden at Dunbar Rd on Wednesdays and The Yoga Pantry on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.
Click here to messenger me or connect with Inner Oasis on facebook also for workshop & class times .

Private Sessions

Private sessions are usually done in Mt. Eden, Auckland during the day.
I can come to you but there will be an extra charge for that.
The first session will take at least two hours and includes getting to understand about you and your current situation followed by a Breathwork session tailored to your needs.


"I had my first private session with Steve today. Remarkable! A safe and professional environment to partake in some amazing life giving breath work.
Thank you Steve.”

- Trudy (BiohackerNZ)