I have a love for life and am passionate about many things but at the core is a knowing as humans we are so much more than what we are conditioned to believe and have the potential to be even more. For me life has been about the rich kaleidoscope of experiences I have had and how they have formed who I am now as I write this. 

I’m a natural biohacker always looking at increasing my potential as a person from which I can share with others. I do this through nutrition, exercise, technology, positive psychology, breathwork and meditation.

What have I learnt?

Having both parents being entrepreneurs taught me I could do the things I wanted to do or create, and that I am the person who ultimately determines my own reality from the choices I make. 

Being raised by a mother who was a spiritualist taught me that there was a greater power that was always there to look after me and that there was more to life than what we see and what we are taught at school.

Having bad asthma until a young adult taught me the importance of conscious breathing, correct nutrition and physical exercise. Also how allopathic medicine may save you but not necessarily cure you.

Knowing people and friends who have died through medical misadventure and others through their own lack of attention to their health taught me that ‘I’ needed to be in charge of my health, not my doctor. And the old saying “Prevention is nine tenths of the cure”.

Experiencing the death of my beautiful wife through breast cancer taught me many things. Most importantly that disease is not something allopathic medicine is great at curing and disease is a signal that ‘you’ need to change who you are, not to feel you are at the mercy of someone else. Be the driver not the passenger.

Raising two incredible boys myself from the ages of 4 & 6 taught me more about emotional intelligence than any book I have read. Seeing myself reflected back at me through them is always humbling.

Being physically bullied at school and later psychologically and verbally as an adult taught me that initially it takes a lot of courage to say no and to eventually realise that I was the one allowing it to happen to me. I was the only person to blame. 

These are but a few of the experiences that have an impact on me throughout my life and there are many more. If there is one thing I have learnt through these experiences is that my inner world is just as important and potent as my outer world. But ultimately there is no separation between the two. 

“At the end of the day life is our greatest teacher, we just have to learn how to be great students.”

Current Self Study and interests: 

Biohacking and human potential
The Brain and Dementia
Sacred Geometry
Maori mythology and IO
Plant Medicines

Current Practises:

Martial Arts - Koryu Uchinadi
Gym - Weight training
TRX suspension training
Chinese breathing - Pa Tuan Chin (The eight brocades)
SOMA Breath
Shamanic Journey

Past Studies:

NLP Practitioner - with Artesha Mai Rah
The Lakota Red Path - with Wallace Black Elk
Clean Language and Story Metaphor - with Lynn Timpany
Sequoia Medicine Wheel therapy - with Denise Linn
Shamanic Journey - with Terri batten
Tai Chi Chuan - with Sifu Khoo
Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto ryu (Samurai sword) - with Hanshi Patrick McCarthy
Aishin Ryu (Samurai sword) - with Sensei Tony Crawford
Ju Jutsu - with Dave Butler

Entrepreneurial background

In 2003 I pioneered in the field of experiential learning and co-created the Self Intelligence program, JOLT Challenge. Co-authoring the accompanying book and journal ‘JOLT Challenge’ - The Self Intelligence Experience. Members of the well known Covey family termed it “The 7 habits of highly successful people for the 21st century”.


In 2002 I co-founded the company Improv Solutions that pioneered in the area of bringing the art of Improvisation to the corporate market. We deconstructed many of the exercises from Improvisation to create experiential learning opportunities for self reflection. Specialising in the areas of creativity and story telling. This business evolved into Mind Warriors where we created JOLT Challenge and JOLT Ignite.

I started the first New Zealand international web design company in 1997 called WebMedia. What an amazing experience that was. WebMedia became an internationally successful interactive design studio expanding from its Auckland production base into San Francisco, Hong Kong and Melbourne.


WebMedia was one of the earliest pioneers of dynamic flash interface and user centric design (UX) on the web and won creative design awards around the world for their diverse portfolio of innovative projects for multinational clients. WebMedia was named NZ’s best company to work for in a leading independent survey due to its groundbreaking workplace culture after breaking with all conventional thinking around company structure. The WebMedia studio grew from four to over fifty staff in their first four years of operation with a staff attrition rate of zero.
At it’s peak WebMedia was valued at NZ$20m.